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Peyton Manning could end Tim Tebow's time in Denver

Photo of Peyton Manning by Cpl. Michelle M. Dickson and comes from Wikimedia Commons- Public Domain

The Denver Broncos are in the hunt for Peyton Manning and that could mean the end for Tim Tebow in the AFC West. While I think Peyton Manning is going to Miami, he could make the Broncos pretty competitive. Peyton may not want to play in the harsh Denver winter unless he is convinced they are contenders.

There would be no desire by the Denver Broncos to add to the media circus of having Peyton Manning by also keeping Tim Tebow. John Fox would rather have a tooth pulled with no Novocain than talk to the media anyway.

Tim Tebow is not the kind of quarterback that John Fox wants anyway. A savvy veteran like Peyton Manning is more to Fox’s taste. Tim Tebow would probably be traded if they can find a team interested .Jacksonville would be wise to get Tebow just for the seats he would sell in a college football town trying to host a NFL team.

It may be in Peyton Manning’s best interests to sign with the Broncos. The team has a strong running game and good defense. Manning wouldn’t have to throw the ball 40 times a game to win. Keep in mind Peyton Manning was declining before his injury that forced him to miss last year. This isn’t going to be Manning from three or four years ago. Peyton needs some help to win and he can get it in Denver.

If Peyton Manning does sign with the Denver Broncos he could help them sign some free agents and Denver has the cap room to do so. A healthy even if in decline Peyton Manning would put the Broncos as the favorites in the AFC West. If the right mix of free agents joins Manning then the Broncos could be Super Bowl contenders.

The San Diego Chargers would still have the best quarterback in the AFC West in Phillip Rivers. But the Chargers are classic underachievers under Norv Turner and nobody knows how they will perform in 2012.

The Kansas City Chiefs will make some strides but their quarterback situation is cloudy and also are said to be trying to sign Peyton Manning. Both the Chiefs and Raiders have new coaches and it’s hard to say how they will play in 2012. Peyton Manning would sure make the AFC West interesting if he signs with the Broncos or Chiefs and only time will tell if he will.