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Top Five Wide Receivers in Free Agency

Marion Manningham of the New York Giants. Photo by Rich Kane/Icon SMI

Here is my list of the top five free agent wide receivers in 2012. This is supposed to be a stellar year for wideouts in NFL free agency even with some getting tagged already. Wes Welker of Patriots, Dwayne Bowe of the Chiefs and DeSean Jackson of the Eagles were franchise tagged. Stevie Johnson of the Buffalo Bills has resigned with his original team.

That still leaves a nice group of wide receivers in 2012 NFL free agency. With possibly all of the AFC West teams in the market for receivers you can bet one or more of these guys may end up in the division. Read on to see my list of the top five wide receiver free agents for 2012. Please feel free to leave a comment praising or insulting my intelligence!

5 Brandon Lloyd

Lloyd is the ultimate system wide receiver and the system he likes is ran by Josh McDaniels now with the New England Patriots. Lloyd has been hot and cold for his entire career with his best season being in 2010 with the Broncos in the AFC West. Lloyd will probably go to the Patriots where he will be in his favorite system and have Tom Brady throwing him the ball. Of course Lloyd better be willing to play cheap if he wants to be a Patriot.

4 Robert Meacham

Meacham got lost in the shuffle in New Orleans but has been productive. It is possible that being in that offense and with Drew Brees inflated his numbers a bit but some team will give him a shot.

3 Marques Colston

Colston also may have inflated numbers from playing in New Orleans but his size will make him attractive. Colston is 6ft 4 inches tall and has good hands but struggles to get separation from defensive backs at times.

2 Mario Manningham

I think Manningham is the second best receiver still available in free agency. Manningham got lost in the shuffle of a good receiving unit with the Giants but has huge potential. Manningham has speed and toughness which is a nice combination for a NFL wide receiver.

1 Vincent Jackson

Jackson has all the talent in the world and his 18.4 yards per catch average from last year is huge in this dink and plink NFL. The problem with Jackson is his two drunk driving offenses and a history of not getting along with the Chargers. I think he will pull a paid and fade and not play well after he gets his money. But with his size and speed somebody will take a shot at him and pay him very well.