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Should the Broncos give up on Peyton Manning?

Photo of Peyton Manning by U.S. Navy photo by Chief Photographers Mate Don Bray. Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

The Peyton Manning drama continues which leaves the Denver Broncos and other teams hanging. Manning is asking for a super sized contract and that may be turning some teams off.

Peyton Manning missed the entire 2011 NFL season and his skills were in obvious decline before that. If Manning is healthy he is still a top 15 quarterback but I am sure teams are tired of waiting on his decision.

I will give Manning credit for telling the Cardinals and Dolphins thanks but no thanks. The Dolphins waited too long and lost Matt Flynn to the Seahawks. Though a lowball contract offer may have been a part of that. Flynn was the favorite to join Miami as his old offensive coordinator is now the Dolphins head coach. The Dolphins are now in hot pursuit of Alex Smith.

Alex Smith is available because the 49ers are waiting on Manning but I think that is where he will end up. The 49ers are now signing wide receivers like crazy and that points to Peyton Manning requesting weapons. The Arizona Cardinals are going with Kolb again now that Peyton Manning has turned them down.

Every day that Peyton Manning does not sign with Denver is bad for the Broncos. Denver will need to deal Tim Tebow and teams will want to deal for him now or on draft day if any are interested.

The Broncos should withdraw from the Peyton Manning hunt and sign Alex Smith before Miami does. Smith showed what he can do with a good defensive team and a run oriented offense in San Francisco last season.

Once considered a bust Alex Smith has improved into a solid veteran NFL quarterback. Smith would be a good fit on a John Fox team which wants to be like the 49ers and play some old school football.

I am sure that Tim Tebow would be traded if any solid veteran NFL quarterback is added to the Broncos roster. Coach John Fox hates media attention and is probably not in love with Tim Tebow’s play on the field anyway. But each day they wait on Manning is a day they may lose other potential quarterbacks to replace Tim Tebow.

The fact that the Broncos are not out signing weapons could be an indication that they don’t believe they can sign Peyton Manning. The team may just end up giving Tebow another shot and hopes he improves a great deal in the 2012 NFL season.