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Peyton Manning headed to the Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning is headed to Denver! Photo by Icon SMI

It looks like Peyton Manning is headed to the Denver Broncos. Multiple sources are reporting that Manning told his agent to talk contract with the Broncos. Of course the news breaks hours after I said the Broncos should give up on him but that is how it goes.

Peyton Manning coming to the Denver Broncos is huge and will shakeup the AFC West. It was thought that the Chargers, Broncos and Chiefs would battle it out all year for the AFC West title. Now a healthy Peyton Manning makes it a two team race at the most with Phillip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers.

Peyton Manning has not signed a contract with the Denver Broncos but I am sure the team has an idea of his demands and will pay them. Manning will make the Tim Tebow press frenzy look like the coverage for a minor league baseball team somewhere.

Peyton Manning is a NFL icon and probably one of the top five quarterbacks to ever play the game. He joins a Denver Bronco team headed up by John Elway who like Manning waited a long time for his first Super Bowl ring.

While I do think Peyton Manning’s skills have diminished I think he is a great fit for the Denver Broncos. Manning is super smart and won’t make many mistakes, which is what John Fox wants in his quarterback.

It remains to be seen how much the Broncos will throw the ball. Fox loves the run game but then again Jake Delhomme was the best quarterback he ever coached until now. Fox may take the gloves off and let Peyton Manning throw the ball all over the field.

Tim Tebow will be the odd man out in Denver and will be traded, probably for a third round draft pick or maybe even lower. Unless the Jacksonville Jaguars or Miami Dolphins overpay for Tebow to fill seats.

Eddie Royal has already left the Denver Broncos who need some receivers. Demaryius Thomas looked like s superstar with Tim Tebow so he will be great with Manning but there is little else. Reggie Wayne returned to Indianapolis or the Broncos may have tried to sign him.

It will look strange seeing Peyton Manning playing for the Denver Broncos. Old school fans may remember Johnny Unitas as a Charger or Joe Namath as a Ram which didn’t work out too well. Despite the drama Brett Favre had some success after leaving the Packers and Joe Montana didn’t embarrass himself in Kansas City. Still franchise quarterbacks don’t usually win big time with their 2nd team.

Only time will tell if Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos will have a good marriage. One thing for sure the media will be all over it!