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April 1st AFC West News and Notes

Mike Goodson has been traded to the Oakland Raiders. Photo by Chris Keane/Icon SMI

Thanks for checking out my AFC West news and notes for April 1st 2012. This post will cover news and my opinion on stuff going on with the Broncos, Raiders, Chiefs and Chargers. Feel free to leave a comment below about the AFC West news and notes.

Oakland Raiders News and Notes

First I would like to offer condolences to the friends and family of long time Oakland Raiders trainer George Anderson who has passed away. The Raiders despite being strapped by salary cap limitations made a couple of moves recently.

The Oakland Raiders traded offensive lineman Bruce Campbell to the Carolina Panthers for running back Mike Goodson. Goodson is a decent special team’s player and returner but fumbles too much which put him out of favor in Carolinalast year. Goodson has some skills as third down or change of pace running back. Linebacker Phillip Weaver has signed a contract with the Raiders as a free agent.

Denver Broncos News and Notes

After an exciting few days that saw Peyton Manning joining the Broncos and Tim Tebow being traded to the Jets, things have slowed down in Denver. The Denver Broncos resigned defensive end Jason Hunter who played well last year when replacing an injured Elvis Dumervil. Look for the Broncos to take a low profile in free agency from here on out.

Kansas City Chiefs News and Notes

The Chiefs have also slowed down after the quick free agent frenzy at first. Linebacker Jovan Belcher has resigned with the Chiefs after becoming a restricted free agent. The Chiefs are apparently considering signing veteran free agent wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery. Adding some wisdom and experience to a young Chiefs receiving unit would be a plus for the team in my opinion. While the team is clearly seeking to be a run first offense the receivers are still very important.

San Diego Chargers News and Notes

While the Chargers need running backs after Mike Tolbert went to Carolina to play fullback, there is not going to be a return of LaDainian Tomlinson according to the team. Former Charger bust Ryan Leaf has been arrested again on drug and burglary charges. Just think the Colts almost drafted Leaf over Peyton Manning. The Chargers are trying to resign Louis Castillo whom they released earlier this year. Running back Jacob Hester has also been offered a deal by the Chargers. No matter what look for the Chargers to draft at least one running back this year.