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Ranking the AFC West Coaches

Photo of John Fox taken by Senior Airman Andria J. Allmond; cropped by User:Blueag9. at Photo is Public Domain.

Here is my ranking of the head coaches in the AFC West. I will rank the AFC West coaches from fourth to first. Please feel free to drop a comment if you agree or disagree with my ranking of the AFC West coaches.

4th Dennis Allen- Oakland Raiders

I have Dennis Allen ranked last among the AFC West coaches simply because he is a rookie head coach. The fact that Allen is also the coach of the Oakland Raiders isn’t helping his cause any. The Raiders turnover a lot of coaches but some stability may be reached after the passing of Al Davis.

Dennis Allen has one advantage when the Raiders play the Broncos; he used to be their defensive coordinator and knows their players well. Allen is the youngest NFL coach and he will need all his energy to turn the Oakland Raiders around.

3rd Romeo Crenel – Kansas City Chiefs

Crenel was not a great head coach with the Cleveland Browns going 24-40 in five seasons. Crenel comes from the Bill Belichick coaching tree and was the defensive coordinator of the Patriots at one time.

Chiefs General Manger Scott Pioli also comes from the Patriots and that is a big reason why Romeo Crenel is the new head coach of the Chiefs. The players seem to like Crenel when he took over for the fired Todd Haley.  The fact that the Chiefs knocked off previously unbeaten Green Bay also played into Crenel keeping the job.

I think Crenel can win inKansas Cityif the front office gives him some support. Remember Bill Belichick failed in Cleveland before getting a second chance as well.

2 Norv Turner- San Diego Chargers

I didn’t expect Norv Turner to keep his job after another underachieving season for the San Diego Chargers but he did. Turner got the genius label as the offensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl teams. Turner has a great mind for offense but has been an average NFL head coach.

Norv Turner has 5 Division Championships as a head coach but his teams tend to seem indifferent to winning. Norv Turner has a 107 and 113 record as a NFL coach with the Redskins, Raiders and Chargers. Still Turner has Phillip Rivers and a good offense so the team will compete for the AFC West title in 2012.

John Fox- Denver Broncos

John Fox is the best coach in the AFC West in my opinion. Fox had several playoff teams with the Carolina Panthers and one Super Bowl team, all without a franchise quarterback. Don’t let the bad 2010 Carolina Panthers team fool you. Carolina was rebuilding and John Fox was a lame duck coach.

John Fox likes veteran players and wants to win with defense. It is a credit to John Fox that he gave Tim Tebow a shot at the Broncos quarterback position and allowed the spread offense to be installed. Look for John Fox to keep the Denver Broncos in the thick of things in the AFC West in 2012.