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Top Five Wide Receivers in the 2012 NFL Draft

Photo of Georgia Techs Stephen Hill by Dannie Walls / Icon SMI

I have decided to give my rankings of the top five wide receivers in the 2012 NFL draft. With the Chiefs and Broncos probably looking for wideouts and the Chargers and Raiders possibly doing so, the AFC West will be drafting some wide receivers. My ranking of the top five wide receivers in the 2012 NFL draft is on how I think they will perform in the NFL.

5 Alshon Jeffery- South Carolina

Jeffery’s career was hurt by the inconsistent quarterback play a tSouth Carolina and the reliance on the running game there. Alshon Jeffery does not have blazing speed but he has size and strength and experience playing against good college defenses. I believe Alshon Jeffery belongs in any ranking of the top five wide receivers in the 2012 NFL draft.

4 Kendall Wright- Baylor                                      

I am not as high on Wright as some are due to his lack of size. His speed wasn’t apparent at the combine but he showed it as his pro day. Wright can be a solid number two receiver in a couple of years but I don’t think he will be much more than that. You have to wonder how much having RG3 throwing to him, helped his college career.

3 Stephen Hill- Georgia Tech

Hill is the latest Georgia Tech wide receiver who is tall but runs like a deer. At 6ft 4 inches tall and running a 4.3 40 yard dash Hill has the athleticism to be a top wide receiver when he develops. There may be a learning curve after playing in the Georgia Tech offense but Hill has all the tools.

2 Michael Floyd- Notre Dame

Michael Floyd is ranked by most as the second best receiver in the 2012 NFL draft. Frankly Floyd’s off the field issues have dropped his stock or he might be ranked number one. Floyd can be an elite day one starting NFL wide receiver in the right offense.

1 Justin Blackmon- Oklahoma State

Justin Blackmon is the best receiver in the 2012 NFL draft. He has decent size and speed but I like his big game showings. The bigger the game, the better Blackmon seems to play. Blackmon will play hurt and is very accomplished route runner already used to fighting out of double team coverage. Blackmon may be a reach at the high spot he is expected to go in, but he should work out well. I just don’t trust wide receivers drafted in the top 10 because so many are diva’s and or busts.