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2012 Kansas City Chiefs Draft Analysis

Dontari Poe the first pick of the Chiefs in the 2012 NFL Draft. Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon SMI

Thanks for checking out my 2012 NFL draft analysis for the Kansas City Chiefs. I will break down each draft pick made by the Chiefs in the 2012 NFL draft and offer my take on the selection.

Kansas City Chiefs 2012 First Round Pick

Dontari Poe Defensive Tackle- Memphis

The Chiefs pulled a shocker when they drafted Dontari Poe with the 11th pick in the 2012 NFL draft. Poe has the size and athleticism to be a dominant defensive tackle in the NFL. The problem with Poe is that he looks like Tarzan and plays like Jane. Poe rose up the draft boards with a great combine but he didn’t do much at Memphis which does not play top talent.

Poe will be the nose in the Chiefs 3-4 defense but I feel he is a pure project and has bust written all over him. Fletcher Cox was still around and while maybe not ideal for a 3-4 he will be a better pro than Poe in my opinion. I did hear former NFL defensive tackle Brenston Buckner say the Poe pick was a good one when Buck was on WFNZ.

Kansas City Chiefs 2012 Second Round Pick

Jeff Allen OT- Illinois

Jeff Allen may be better suited for offensive guard rather than tackle. Allen is a good run blocker but an average at best pass blocker. That bodes well for him getting on the field early as the Chiefs want to ground and pound the ball. If Allen is going to play tackle he may have to develop before becoming  a starter.

Kansas City Chiefs 2012 Third Round Pick

Donald Stephenson OT-Oklahoma

The pick of Stephenson points to Allen playing guard as Stephenson is strictly an offensive tackle in my opinion. Stephenson is 6ft 6 and can stand some time in the weight room to add some bulk.

Kansas City Chiefs 2012 Fourth Round Pick

Devon Wylie WR-Fresno State

Wylie is fast and makes plays in the return game as well as at wide receiver. Not sure this was the best pick as the Chiefs needed some defensive line help here.

Kansas City Chiefs 2012 Fifth Round Pick

DeQuan Menzie CB- Alabama

Not a bad pick here as the Chiefs add a guy to play in the nickel package and probably help on special teams. Menzie has questions about his speed but he makes plays and you know coming from Alabama he knows how to play sound football.

Kansas City Chiefs 2012 Sixth Round Pick

Cyrus Grey RB-Texas A&M

Cyrus Grey is an interesting pick here and could earn a roster spot and some playing time. Good receiver out of the backfield but he needs to work on his pass protection as most rookie running backs do.

Kansas City Chiefs 2012 Seventh Round Picks

Jerome Long DT- San Diego State

More depth for the defensive line which needs some 3-4 nose tackle types in the worst way.

Junior Hemmingway WR-Michigan

Hemmingway is a going to have a struggle to avoid the practice squad or just being released. I do like his size at 225 pounds which may make him a decent run blocker.

Kansas City Chiefs 2012 NFL Draft Grade

Of course it really takes at least two seasons to give an accurate draft grade but I will give it a shot now. I give the 2012 Kansas City Chiefs draft a C because Poe was a big reach and there are too many projects in the mix.