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San Diego Chargers 2012 Draft Analysis

Melvin Ingram the first round pick of the Chargers. Photo by Cliff Welch Icon/SMI

Thanks for checking out my analysis of the San Diego Charger’s 2012 NFL draft picks. Only time will tell if the Chargers had a good draft but I will offer my opinion on all their picks.

San Diego Chargers 2012 First Round Draft Pick

 Melvin Ingram DE-LB- South Carolina

The San Diego Chargers selected undersized defensive end Melvin Ingram who was announced as a linebacker. I think Ingram has good value there as the 18th pick in the 2012 NFL draft. At 6ft 1 inches tall and 264 pounds Ingram is small for a defensive end in the NFL

But Melvin Ingram is a football player despite his “Tweener” size and I really like the pick here by the Chargers. Ingram will give it his all on every play and should be a good NFL pass rusher if used correctly. Since Ingram was called a linebacker when he was drafted, I am sure that is where the Chargers will put him.

San Diego Chargers 2012 Second Round Draft Pick

Kendall Reyes DT-Connecticut

I really like the Kendall Reyes pick by the Chargers. This is a very fast defensive lineman who can play end or tackle. Reyes is a bit raw but can penetrate the backfield and make big plays.

San Diego Chargers 2012 Third Round Draft Pick

Brandon Taylor SS-LSU

Another good pick by the Chargers as they add a safety who isn’t afraid to get in there and hit.Taylorshould be a special teams demon if nothing else as a rookie. It wouldn’t surprise me however to see Taylor starting at some point in his rookie season.

San Diego Chargers 2012 Fourth Round Pick

Ladarius Green TE-Louisiana-Lafayette

Green is fast and has a nose for the end zone but isn’t the best blocker. Green can learn from Gates for a season or two while he bulks up.

San Diego Chargers 2012 Fifth Round Draft Pick

Johnnie Troutman G-Penn State

Not in love with this pick as Troutman struggles in pass blocking but he is a decent run blocker.

San Diego Chargers 2012 Seventh Round Draft Picks

David Molk C- Michigan

Molk is mouthy and plays with an attitude but was undersized in college before suddenly bulking up a bit for the combine. You have to wonder about that but I like this pick.

Edwin Baker RB- Michigan State

Baker regressed in his senior season after a nice junior year. Probably a practice squad player if he makes the team.

San Diego Chargers 2012 NFL Draft Grade

I give the Chargers a B on their 2012 NFL draft picks at first glance. I really like the first three picks and feel it was a solid draft for the team.