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Junior Seau dead of apparent suicide

Photo of Junior Seau by JJ Hall. Photo from Wikimedia Commons. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Former San Diego Charger, Miami Dolphin and New England Patriot Junior Seau has died of an apparent suicide. This is a little morbid but Junior Seau joins seven other San Diego Chargers from their lone Super Bowl team that have died an early death. Read more about that at Sportingnews.

It was thought that Seau attempted suicide once before when he drove his SUV off a cliff in California. Seau claimed he fell asleep at the wheel shortly after being released from jail after getting a domestic violence charge. Several former NFL players have committed suicide after suffering permanent brain damage from playing in the league.

Junior Seau was a great linebacker during his 20 NFL seasons playing with three teams. Junior Seau had over 1,500 career tackles, 325 assisted tackles, 18 interceptions, 11 forced fumbles and 56.5 sacks during his career.

Any suicide is a tragedy of course but when somebody like Junior Seau shoots himself to death it is a complete waste. Seau had the resources to get some help for his depression and did not. Now his family and friends will wonder for the rest of their lives what they could have done to save Junior Seau.

Seau was one of my favorite players ever despite the fact that I was a Chiefs fan when he played for the rival Chargers. Seau was just a special player and kept in great shape which allowed him to play 20 NFL seasons at linebacker.

Junior Seau is by far the biggest “Name” player to have ever committed suicide. Perhaps some good can come from this. I would love to see the NFL put some resources into raising money for treating depression or funding suicide hotlines or something along those lines.

I am sure the San Diego Chargers fans are devastated by the death of Junior Seau. He was a huge figure in the city and loved by the fans there. Most people think of Seau as a Charger despite playing for the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots.

Please feel free to leave a comment about the death of Junior Seau. Maybe share some memories of a favorite play that Seau made or a great game he had at some point. I am sure even fans of other AFC West teams respected Junior Seau and what he brought to the NFL. RIP Junior Seau dead at the age of 43.