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AFC West News and Notes

Norv Turner needs some major wins to keep his job. Photo by MSA Icon/SMI

Here are some news and notes about what is happening in the AFC West around this Memorial Day Holiday. I will mention whatever is in the news for those teams and give any opinion I may have about it. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Denver Broncos News and Notes

The Denver Broncos have traded cornerback Cassius Vaughn to the Indianapolis Colts for fullback Chris Gronkowski. The fullback is the brother of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski of the Patriots. Chris Gronkowski had also played for the Dallas Cowboys in the past. Vaughn was known more for being a kick returner than a defensive back while with the Broncos.

Kansas City Chiefs News and Notes

My favorite Kansas City Chief, Dexter McCluster is playing wide receiver full time in off season workouts. McCluster is versatile enough to play running back but I think wideout is his best position.

The Chiefs may be circling the wagons around Matt Cassel these days after offseason speculation that he would lose his job. I don’t see Brady Quinn beatingCasselout in a fair quarterback competition. Kudos to the Chiefs players who plan to return to Joplin Missouriafter OTA’s. Joplin was the scene of a devastating tornado a little more than one year ago.

Oakland Raiders News and Notes

I thought Pryor may get a shot at backup quarterback this season but I guess the former Buckeye isn’t ready yet. He would seem a natural for an offense that wants the quarterback to be able to move around. But Matt Leinart will be backing up the statue Carson Palmer for the Oakland Raiders.

I look for McFadden to have a big year if he can stay healthy. This offense is the same one ran by the Houston Texans and usually has a high yardage running back in it. With Michael Bush gone the Raiders will be working on their new running back rotation in the off season.

San Diego Chargers News and Notes

The Chargers plan to give Ryan Matthews a healthy dose of the football in 2012. I think Matthews is the best running back in the division and the Chargers are also breaking in new wide receivers. It will take some time to get them all on the same page with Phillip Rivers.

The Chargers better win some games and make a playoff run in 2012 if they want to keep Norv Turner as their coach. Even the laid back Chargers fans will eventually get tired of the team underachieving all the time.