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Was getting Carson Palmer a good trade for the Raiders?

Photographer: Ric Tapia/Icon SMI

Was the Carson Palmer trade a good deal for the Oakland Raiders? Of course it’s a little early to tell but the Bengals look to have the advantage in the Carson Palmer trade for now. With the 17th pick in the 2012 NFL draft the Bengals drafted highly regarded cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick out ofAlabama. The Bengals also will have the Raiders second round pick in 2013.

Carson Palmer came in rusty and joined a team with a new coach and little preseason work due to the NFL lockout. Carson Palmer played in 10 games with nine starts for the Oakland Raiders.

In his first season with the Raiders Palmer threw 13 touchdown passes and had 16 picked off which was a little high. Palmer did complete over 60 percent of his passes which is fine, especially on a less than stellar team.

Carson Palmer needs to really step up in 2012 to justify the trade for the Raiders. Palmer is supposed to be a franchise quarterback and didn’t look much better than Jason Campbell whom was a recent Raider starter.

I will put that down to learning a new system and players on the rush. Carson Palmer is what I consider a second tier franchise quarterback in the NFL. Palmer isn’t a Brady, Manning or other elite type. Carson Palmer fits in with Rivers, Vick and the like, possibly a Super Bowl winner with lots of help.

What Carson Palmer gives the Raiders is some stability at quarterback for the first time in years. The Raiders know they have a capable quarterback that is still young enough for the team to build around.

I wonder at the Raiders installing a system that may not be ideal for Carson Palmer though. They are bringing in the Texans offense which requires a mobile quarterback, which Palmer is not. That being said Palmer can benefit from the running attack this offense stresses and can be accurate in this version of the West Coast Offense.

If Carson Palmer can take the Raiders to the playoffs and make a deep run or especially a Super Bowl appearance then this is a good trade for Oakland. Even if Dre Kirkpatrick is a Pro Bowl player for the Bengals, cornerback isn’t as imporant as quarterback in the NFL.

But if the Raiders still hang around the 8-8 mark or worse under Palmer then this is a bad trade for vOakland. I think in the end that it will be a draw with the trade being beneficial to both teams especially since Cincinnati would  have got nothing for Palmer if he stayed retired.