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AFC West 2012 Salary Cap Numbers- Chiefs and Broncos looking good

Photograph of Tim Tebow by Jeffrey Beall @Wikimedia Commons .

Here is a look at the AFC West salary cap number as reported on ESPN. The Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs are sitting pretty when it comes to the NFL salary cap in 2012. The Denver Broncos are $50.735 million under the 2012 NFL salary cap and the Chiefs are $62.995 million under. The San Diego Chargers are at roughly $9.2 Million under the cap while the Oakland Raiders are $11 Million OVER the cap.

The Kansas City Chiefs could buy most of the 2012 NFL free agents if they wanted to but they want. The Chiefs want to copy the New England Patriots and only spend in selective places and build through the NFL draft. Look for the Chiefs to try to resign Dwayne Bowe and probably Brandon Carr. Then the Chiefs will shop around a little perhaps for another wide receiver or a veteran to compete with Matt Cassel if Orton does not return.

The Denver Broncos also have plenty to spend but don’t expect them to do that. With the team switching to the 4-3 defense look for them to add some defensive linemen, especially defensive tackles via free agency. The Broncos will

Definitely  be in the market for a quarterback to compete with Tim Tebow. I would love to see Vince Young on the team with Tebow if the Broncos intend to run lots of spread offense again in 2012.

The San Diego Chargers never really spend a lot of money and what they will spend will be in trying to resign Vincent Jackson. The team also may be in the market for a backup running back or two depending on what happens with their own free agent running backs. I look for the Chargers mostly to stand pat with what they have for the 2012 NFL season. If Phillip Rivers can rebound from his subpar season then the Chargers can compete for the AFC West title in 2012 as is.

Oakland Raiders fans shouldn’t be too upset with the team for being over the 2012 salary cap. The Raiders will cut a few players and perhaps redo some contracts to clear up some space. Due to the Carson Palmer trade the team will need to sign some free agents to improve since they have less draft picks than usual. Look for the team to try to get their defense improving first under their new coach.