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The Top Five San Diego Charger Quarterbacks of All Time

Photo of Dan Fouts by Icon SMI

This is my list of the top five San Diego Chargers quarterbacks of all time. For many years the Chargers were a pass first stat running up team with various quarterbacks having success. If you are a Chargers fan you will enjoy this list of San Diego's best quarterbacks ever. If you pull for other AFC West teams then you will be glad you have seen the last of most of these guys. Keep in mind modern players will have better looking stats due to the relaxed pass defense rules they play against.

5 Stan Humphries

Stan Humphries beat out Jack Kemp and James Harris among others to come in at 5th on my all time list of the best Chargers quarterbacks. Humphries played six seasons for the Chargers and passed for over 16,000 yards in San Diego. The Chargers went 47 and 29 with Humphries as their starter


4 Drew Brees

Drew Brees played on some bad Chargers teams  but did pretty well as their starting quarterback. Brees passed for over 12,000 yards and had 80 touchdown passes against 53 interceptions in San Diego. Of course he was replaced by Phillip Rivers and went on to become an elite NFL quarterback with the New Orleans Saints.

3 John Hadl

John Hadl was the first franchise quarterback for the Chargers and in an era of run first football, he aired it out. Including American Football League numbers Hadl passed for almost 27,000 yards with the Chargers. His 50.1 pass completion percentage with the Chargers is acceptable when you account for the pass defense rules. I like that he threw 201 touchdown passes against 211 interceptions in San Diego. Many quarterbacks of his era had many more picks than scores.

2 Phillip Rivers

Despite a down year in 2011 I think Phillip Rivers is the second best quarterback the San Diego Chargers have ever sent on the field. Phillip Rivers is in his prime now and is a savvy veteran who knows his offense and fellow players. While Rivers is indeed a franchise player he isn't an elite quarterback like our number one player was.

1 Dan Fouts

Dan Fouts is a NFL Hall of Fame quarterback who led one of the best passing offenses in NFL history. Yes Fouts was blessed to play for Don "Air" Coryell but Dan was the trigger man that made that offense so explosive.

Fouts passed for 43,040 yards along with 254 touchdown passes against 242 interceptions. Fouts was tough, accurate and smart and made the most of the talent around him. Dan Fouts is the best San Diego Chargers quarterback of all time.