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Top Five Kansas City Chiefs Quarterbacks of All Time

Is Joe Montana the greatest Chiefs Quarterback of all time? Photo by Bob Stanton/Icon Smi

Thanks for checking out my article about the top five Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks of all time. The Chiefs began playing football as the Dallas Texans in the American Football League in 1960. Please keep in mind the earlier Kansas Chiefs quarterbacks did not enjoy modern passing rules that allow massive stats these days. Feel free to comment below about my list of the top five Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks of all time.

5 Steve DeBerg

Steve DeBerg was the ultimate game manager quarterback type and he had some success with the Chiefs. I seldom have seen a better play action passer off run fakes, than Steve DeBerg. Poor DeBerg was always getting replaced by some young phenom during his career. DeBerg passed for almost 12,000 yards and had 67 touchdowns against 50 interceptions in his Chiefs career.

4 Joe Montana

If you look at his total career of course Joe Montana is the best quarterback to ever play for the Chiefs. But this list looks at what the player did on the team. Joe Montana only played two seasons in Kansas City but they were enough to make him the fourth best Chiefs quarterback of all time.

What Joe Montana brought was hope to the Chiefs. I will never forget him leading the team from behind to beat John Elway and the Broncos once. Joe Montana passed for over 5,400 yards with 29 touchdown passes against 16 interceptions while with the Chiefs.

3 Bill Kenney

Bill Kenney always seemed to be fighting somebody for the starting quarterback job in Kansas City. But I remember Kenney showing some real talent on some less than talented teams. In 1983 Kenney threw for an amazing 4,348 yards as the Chiefs aired the ball out.


Bill Kenney ended up with 86 career touchdown passes and 84 interceptions thrown as a Chief. His career pass completion percentage was only 54.7 but that was ok considering the pass defense rules when he played. I feel Bill Kenney is the third best quarterback to ever play for the Kansas City Chiefs.

2 Trent Green

Trent Green played on some good Kansas City Chiefs teams and he was part of why they played well. However I thought Green could have led them to the Super Bowl at least once but he never did.

Still Green showed some good accuracy with a 61.9 completion percentage and over 21,000 yards for the Chiefs. Green threw 118 touchdown passes against 85 interceptions which isn't too bad.

1 Len Dawson

Len Dawson is a NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback for a reason. Dawson is the best quarterback that the Kansas City Chiefs have ever had. Dawson led the Chiefs to their only Super Bowl win and threw for over 28,500 yards for the Chiefs. Dawson also had a 237 to 178 touchdown pass to interception ratio.

In an era of three yards and a cloud of dust, Len Dawson was a passer of great skill. Len Dawson is the best quarterback to ever play for the Chiefs and he tops my list off.