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Top Five Oakland Raiders Quarterbacks of all time

Photo of Rich Gannon by John Biever/SI/Icon SMI

Thanks for checking out my list of the top five Oakland Raiders quarterbacks of all time. Keep in mind earlier AFL and NFL quarterbacks didn't have the advantage of playing with modern pass defense rules set up to aid the offense. So even though an old school quarterback's stats may not look great, I still may list him high on my greatest Oakland Raiders quarterbacks article.

5 Tom Flores

Tom Flores is best known for being the first minority NFL coach to win a Super Bowl as coach of the Raiders. However before coaching Tom Flores played well enough to make my list as the fifth best quarterback in Oakland Raiders history.

Tom Flores passed for over 11,000 yards and had 92 touchdown passes against 82 interceptions while playing for the AFL's Oakland Raiders. Flores didn't have the most talent but he had smarts and played well for the silver and black.

4 Daryle Lamonica

Daryle Lamonica set the stage for the Raiders offenses in their heyday. Lamonica had one specialty and it was the long ball earning him the nickname "Mad Bomber". Sadly for Lamonica he couldn't adjust to the zone defense and it hurt his career.

Still Lamonica passed for over 16,000 yards for the Raiders and had 115 touchdown passes against 82 interceptions. Lamonica also rushed for over 300 yards and had six touchdowns on the ground while a Raider


3 Jim Plunkett

Plunkett was a bust in New England and signed to be Dan Pastorini's backup with the Raiders. When Pastorini broke his leg Plunkett stepped in and led the Raiders to the Super Bowl.

Plunkett was a big game quarterback but did have his down moments. Jim Plunkett had 80 touchdown passes and 81 interceptions but did throw for over 12,000 yards in Oakland.


2 Rich Gannon

Rich Gannon was considered a journeyman quarterback of sorts but he played well enough to be the second best Oakland Raider quarterback of all time. Gannon was very accurate with over 62 percent of his passes completed while a Raider. Rich Gannon threw for 17,585 yards with 114 touchdowns against 50 interceptions.

Gannon also took the Raiders to their last Super Bowl which they lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and former Raider coach Gruden.


1 Ken "The Snake" Stabler

Ken Stabler was the best quarterback in the Oakland Raiders history. I also think Stabler was the best left handed quarterback ever until Steve Young came along. Stabler could and did party all night then come in and win for the Oakland Raiders.

Stabler completed just under 60 percent of his passes as a Raider which was superb for his time period. Ken Stabler passes for over 19,000 yards and had 150 touchdown passes and 143 interceptions as an Oakland Raider.