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Ben Davidson passes away and other AFC West News and Notes

A healthy Eric Berry will boost the Chiefs defense. Photo by WD/Icon SMI

Thanks for checking out my AFC West News and Notes for July 4th 2012. I hope you are enjoying you holiday while awaiting the start of the 2012 NFL season. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

Oakland Raiders News and Notes

Former Oakland Raider defensive end and actor Ben Davidson has passed away from prostate cancer at the age of 72. The bearded Davison looked like the rough customer he often played and was quite a good football player in the 1960's.

The Oakland Raiders recently donated over $54,000 to help a local school district. Former Raider Anthony Wayne Smith has been charged with a total of four murders recently. The Raiders still seem interested in former Bengal Cedric Benson as a backup running back.

San Diego Chargers News and Notes

The Chargers are now the hot team when it comes to rumors of a move to Los Angeles. The NFL has long coveted moving a team there because of the large television market. However the fans in Los Angeles always seem to care less about the teams there. I think it will be the Jaguars moving there but who knows?

Some people have ripped LaDainian Tomlinson for saying he would rather be a Hall of Famer than a Super Bowl winner. I never was a big fan of his but kudos to Tomlinson for being honest. 

Denver Broncos News and Notes

The Broncos recently pledged $50,000 to help in relief efforts after the tragic wildfires that have struck Colorado of late. Some of the players have visited firefighters to show their support. Defensive end Ben Garland had the fires hit him hard as his grandparents home was destroyed.

Franchise tagged kicker Mike Prater signed a four year deal worth $13 million. I don't know about you guys but I am going to go out and practice some field goals today. Recently wideout Demaryius Thomas mentioned that he is getting back to the basics of route running with Peyton Manning in town.

Kansas City Chiefs News and Notes

Rumors of Dwayne Bowe wanting to be a Miami Dolphin are a moot point. Bowe has been franchised tagged by the Chiefs and can be tagged next year. I expect Bowe to be a Chief at least for this season.

Former Chiefs quarterback Len Dawson is getting the Rozelle award for his work in radio and or television. Eric Berry says his knee is healed and he is ready to play. That is good news for a less than stellar Chiefs secondary.