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Richard Seymour likes his coach and other AFC West News and Notes

Richard Seymour photo by Ric Tapia/Icon SMI

Thanks for checking out my AFC West News and Notes for July 13th 2012. I will run down any news going on with each team and give my take on it. Each AFC West team will be covered and of course feel free to leave a comment below.


San Diego Chargers News and Notes

The Chargers are so desperate to sell some tickets that they actually emailed Chiefs fans trying to sell tickets.  Some Chargers fans were upset by this but I say buy some tickets if you are a fan of the Chargers. Then again it seems the city has given up on the team which does not bode well for Norv Turner.

There are new blackout rules allowing teams to lower the number of seats to be sold to avoid a television blackout. While the Chargers claim they won't need to use this option, it will be there if needed.

 Oakland Raiders News and Notes

New Oakland Raiders Coach Dennis Allen has gotten the seal of approval from Richard Seymour. I am sure Seymour's opinion carries some weight in the locker room for the Raiders and that bodes well for the coach.

The Raiders are still strapped for cap space and speculation is that Darren McFadden should have gotten a new deal already. From a cap prospective then yes he should. But on the field running backs burn out quickly and are fairly easily replaced. I think the Raiders should see if McFadden can stay healthy this year and then redo his deal next offseason.

 Kansas City Chiefs News and Notes

And speaking of long term contracts Dwayne Bowe still does not have one. Monday is the deadline for franchise tagged players to sign a new deal. I don't see it happening and Bowe may holdout until he has to play to keep from losing a year of veteran status.

Bowe and the team have not always seen eye to eye and I think they don't want Bowe long term. The Chiefs should promise to not use the tag next year if Bowe will come in and play. It is to Bowe's advantage to have a great year to make him an attractive free agent if he can hit the open market.

 Denver Broncos News and Notes

Peyton Manning has moved out of Mike Shanahan's home and bought his own $4.75 Million house in Denver. I wonder if super rich Manning considers it a fixer upper?

Former Bronco Tim Tebow and Demaryius Thomas won the ESPY award for the biggest moment with their bomb to beat the Steelers. I think it was well deserved and one of the best moments in Broncos history.