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The Broncos transition from Tebow to Manning

From the running Tebow to the classic passer in Manning. Photo by Ric Tapia/Icon SMI

The Denver Broncos are a team facing an interesting transition in 2012. The Broncos are going from Tim Tebow to Peyton Manning as their starting quarterback. The young unproven lion to the grizzled veteran trying to show he is still an elite NFL player.

Tim Tebow was the ultimate unconventional NFL quarterback, so much so that the Broncos used a college offense for him. Of course John Fox's former team the Carolina Panthers also ran a spread attack for Cam Newton as well.

What Tim Tebow had going for him was big play ability at the right time. Tebow couldn't hit the broad side of a barn for three quarters then get hot and win the game during the final period. The Broncos improving defense and strong running game would keep them in games until Tebow finally got hot.

Peyton Manning did the Broncos a great favor by picking them, he allowed the team to dump Tim Tebow and save face. Tebow has many, many fan due to his Christian beliefs and dumping him would have been a public disgrace nightmare for the Broncos. But who could really fault the team for picking up future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning?

Most football fans agree Tim Tebow will be a spot player or gimmick player and have a

decent NFL career. However very few see him as a NFL franchise quarterback leading a team to the Super Bowl.

Peyton Manning is perhaps the best NFL quarterback ever and we saw that in 2011 when he sat out with a bad neck injury. The Colts were considered a playoff team with Manning but were the worst team in football without him. Of course this allowed the Colts to save face for not keeping Manning by drafting Andrew Luck.

From fly by your pants Tim Tebow the Broncos now get technician Peyton Manning. Even as his skills have eroded nobody can say Peyton Manning isn't brilliant. He is even the defacto offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos just as he was with the Indianapolis Colts.

Peyton Manning wants one more Super Bowl ring and picked the Broncos to help him get one. The Manning ego is huge and he will want to win and show he can still play at a high NFL level. Secretly Manning is probably glad to be out of Indy where the team has hit rock bottom. The Broncos seemed to improve each week last season and I am sure that appeals to Peyton Manning.

It will be interesting to see the transition from Tebow to Manning for the Broncos in 2012. For fans in Denver's sakes I hope Manning is close to his old self and takes the team a long way.