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Can the Oakland Raiders return to glory without Al Davis?

Carson Palmer photo by Ric Tapia/Icon SMI

Can the Oakland Raiders return to glory without Al Davis running the show? Of course most fans will say they have a better chance without him than with him. And I have to agree the Raiders have a shot at returning to greatness if their football guys are running the show.


The Oakland Raiders were one a proud and storied franchise when the "Just Win Baby" phrase could actually be applied to them. Heck the Raiders even lost a fairly recent Super Bowl to their former coach, Jon Gruden and the Buccaneers.


I like the hire of Dennis Allen as the coach of the Oakland Raiders but am not sold on the offense that the team has put in place. This version of the West Coast Offense needs a mobile quarterback which Carson Palmer is not. I would have favored a Norv Turner type offense with medium to long range throws.


The AFC West is a crapshoot right now so any team could win the division and the Giants have twice proven you can run the table if you just get IN the playoffs. So yes the Oakland Raiders can return to the Super Bowl fairly quickly.


The reason this can happen quickly is the parity that the NFL loves so much. Every year two or three teams make the playoffs that did not the season before. The Oakland Raiders need to get cap space and draft picks, which is how you get better quickly in today's National Football League. In this offseason the Raiders had neither cap space nor a lot of picks. The Raiders recently traded a backup wide receiver to the Panthers for a number seven pick next year. That was a good move as even a seventh round pick can get you a good player or become part of a trade.


For the Oakland Raiders to return to glory they need to stay healthy and improve their passing game. This is a passing league and while the strong Raider's running game is an asset they need to be able to score often and quickly.


Darius Heyward-Bey needs to step up his game and become a legitimate number one wide receiver. I think the talent is there and expect him to raise his game a notch or two this season. I really like Denarius Moore and hope he advances his game from his rookie season when he played well at times. Give Carson Palmer another decent wideout or two and he can get this team to the playoffs if he can fit the system in place.