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Manning in camp and other AFC West News and Notes

Peyton Manning Denver Bronco photo by Zumapress/Icon SMI

Thanks for reading this addition of News and Notes for the AFC West. This post was written on July 29th 2012. If you are getting fired up about the upcoming NFL season don't forget our friends at where you can interact with current and former players.


Denver Broncos News and Notes


The Broncos set an attendance record when over 4,300 fans showed up at training camp to watch Peyton Manning in a walk through practice. Manning looked sharp but keep in mind it WAS a walk through. The Broncos have now signed all their draft picks and gotten them into camp.

The shooting victims from Aurora are still on the minds of the NFL players. Former Bronco Tim Tebow who lived very close to that theatre has pledged some support for the victims. Carolina Panther wide receiver Steve Smith has pledged $100,000 to help the people involved in the tragedy.


Kansas City Chiefs News and Notes


The Chiefs have signed their first round bust, err pick to his rookie contract. Sorry folks I just don't think the Chiefs needed a project like Dontari Poe who didn't even dominate small college competition.Chiefs fans are disgruntled with Matt Cassel but I think they need to cut him some slack. It's not like he has had a lot of help while playing for the Chiefs. The team needs to get Bowe into camp soon so he can get ready. I think Bowe needs to be there to prepare for his chance to excel before being a free agent next year.

 Oakland Raiders News and Notes

The Oakland Raiders have traded backup wide receiver Louis Murphy to the Carolina Panthers for a seventh round draft pick. Murphy played well in spots for Oakland but has had some hamstring injuries. Darius Heyward-Bey pled no contest to a DUI charge in exchange for getting probation, fines and DUI classes instead of jail.

Offensive lineman coach and former player Steve Wisniewski has resigned from the coaching staff. Apparently the team will keep him on as an ambassador. The starting center for the Raiders is Wisniewski's nephew.

San Diego Chargers News and Notes

Quarterback Kyle Boller signed with the Chargers, stayed one day and retired. Boller may have made the team since Charlie Whitehurst injured his knee. Look for Billy Volek to be brought back. I always got the feeling though that Volek is unpopular with coaches and maybe teammates.

Charlie Whitehurst was a flop in Seattle and I questioned the team even bringing him back. I think it is a situation of him knowing the offense and not needing a lot of reps. If Rivers goes down the team is hosed anyway.