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San Diego Chargers Fantasy Football Forecast

Gates can still score and is a good fantasy football tight end. Photo by Ric Tapia/Icon SMI

This is a discussion of fantasy football players on the San Diego Chargers for the 2012 NFL season. I will tell you which ones to pick and if there are any to stay away from. I do advise that fantasy football owners not load up on players from their favorite team unless they are really good players. If you team has a bad game then you are hurting on your fantasy team as well as your usual favorite.


Phillip Rivers Fantasy Football Forecast

Phillip Rivers is coming off a subpar season in a fantasy sense as well as in real football. I love Rivers as a backup or if you need a starter and most elite fantasy quarterbacks are gone. I just sense that Norv Turner has lost this team and they will not do well in 2012. The fact that Rivers is missing his best weapon in Vincent Jackson does not help River's cause. I predict Phillip Rivers will throw for about 3,900 yards, 20 touchdowns and 14 interceptions in 2012.


Ryan Matthews Fantasy Football Forecast

I do love Ryan Matthews in fantasy football in 2012 and may even pick him as my first running back if he is there. Matthews has been improving and I think Turner will feed him the ball in 2012. The above mentioned lack of weapons in the passing game will help Matthews get more opportunities.


Antonio Gates Fantasy Football Forecast

Once an elite fantasy football tight end Antonio Gates has been slowed by injuries in recent seasons. Still I like that Gates has a nose for the end zone as he showed with seven scores last year. Gates is worthy of a starting role in fantasy football as long as he stays healthy in 2012.


Malcom Floyd Fantasy Football Forecast

Malcom Floyd is a rare deep threat wide receiver in today's dink and plink NFL. Floyd averaged almost 20 yards per catch in 2011. I like Floyd as a starter especially in three wideout offenses. However as the top receiver in San Diego now, he will have to face the best corner on each team.


San Diego Chargers Defense/Special Teams Fantasy Football Forecast

The Chargers have a decent return game but I don't like their defense much in regards to them starting in fantasy football. This is an aging defense that does not force many turnovers. I advise staying away from this defense unless they play very well early or you are desperate.