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Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Football Forecast

Photo of Jamaal Charles by Jeff Moffett/Icon SMI

This is fantasy football forecast for the Kansas City Chiefs and the 2012 NFL season. I will give my opinion on some of the Chiefs and whether or not they should be taken in your fantasy football draft. Feel free to ask me any fantasy football questions in the comments below.


Matt Cassel Fantasy Football Forecast

I like Cassel in fantasy football only as a backup or to be used when he has a very favorable matchup. Cassel is a game manager type with few weapons in the passing game. Cassel can be accurate and won't throw a lot of picks but this Chiefs offense is a ground and pound attack and won't be throwing the ball often.


Jamaal Charles Fantasy Football Forecast

Jamaal Charles is coming off a knee injury that cost him most of the 2011 NFL season. While Charles is a great running back he may not be a great fantasy football player. Charles just does not score enough to be an elite fantasy football running back. The fact that he is not a goal line type of back hurts him in fantasy football. I do like him as a starter but not as the first back you take unless the cupboard is very bare.


Peyton Hillis Fantasy Football Forecast

Peyton Hillis could be a fantasy football sleeper or a bust, it depends on him. Hillis signed a one year deal to show what he can do after a very strange year in Cleveland in 2011. Hillis fought sickness and reportedly a desire to retire and was a true victim of the "Madden Curse".  This offense is made for Hillis who is a good power back. Hillis may get more carries early in the season as the team brings Jamaal Charles back from injury.


Dwayne Bowe Fantasy Football Forecast

First Dwayne Bowe needs to get to camp but when he does I expect a huge fantasy football season from him. With Bowe being a free agent again next year look for him to put up some good numbers to show teams what he offers. I love using fantasy football players in a contract year as they put out the most effort at that time. I also like Steve Breaston as a backup or starter in multiple receiver leagues.


Ryan Succop Fantasy Football Forecast

I love Succop as a fantasy football kicker though I have some bias as he is from my home county. But Succop is accurate and teams who stress running the ball in the modern NFL tend to kick lots of field goals.


Kansas City Chiefs Defense/Special Teams Fantasy Football Forecast

I like the Chiefs defense to have plenty of sack from their 3-4 base but not a large number of interceptions. The team needs better defensive backs but the return of Eric Berry will help. The Chiefs should be solid in the return game and I would have no problem using this defense/special teams unit on my fantasy football team.