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The Top 5 Free Agent Quarterbacks

Photo of Matt Flynn by Jeff Moffett/Icon SMI

Here is my list of the top five free agent quarterbacks heading into the 2012 NFL season. With the Broncos and probably the Chiefs looking for somebody to compete with their starters the AFC West is in the quarterback market. Note that my list of the top 5 free agent quarterbacks include who I think will be available.  Drew Brees and Alex Smith will not be hitting the free agent market as they will be resigned by the Saints and 49ers respectively.

5 Kyle Orton

Orton is a decent quarterback with experience in several NFL systems. Orton played pretty well for the Chiefs and they may bring him back to compete with Matt Cassel. If Orton does not return to Kansas City I expect him to sign with the Redskins or possibly the Jaguars.

4 Jason Campbell

Jason Campbell has always been a capable NFL quarterback stuck on a bad team with the Redskins and Raiders. Campbell has been with more offensive coordinators than perhaps any other quarterback in the NFL. Look for Campbell to sign with a team that will let him compete for a starting job.

3 Matt Flynn

Flynn has had his moments in the NFL but not enough of them to show much. With that potentGreen Bayoffense it could well be that any decent quarterback could put up good numbers. That does not mean that Flynn is a franchise quarterback, but of course he may be one. Flynn more than likely will end up with the Miami Dolphins. But I have two words for people who think Flynn is the real deal, Kevil Kolb. Lets see what Flynn can do for a whole season on a less than stellar team.

2 Vince Young

Vince Young has more potential than any quarterback on the 2012 free agent list. If Young has his head on straight he has the physical tools to be a NFL franchise quarterback. A year with Andy Reid had to help Young’s game and remember Vince won lots of games with the Titans. I very much want to see Young and Tim Tebow on the same team if the Broncos want to run the spread.

1 Payton Manning

It is very rare for a future NFL Hall of Fame quarterback becoming a free agent but Manning will. Of course that is if Peyton Manning is healthy enough to resume his career. Keep in mind that Peyton Manning’s skills were in decline before he sat out a year and his arm is still not healthy yet. But if Manning can play he is still the best free agent quarterback in the 2012 NFL season.