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John Fox and Peyton Manning a marriage made in Heaven?

Fox and Del Rio will have the defense in shape . Photo by Warren Wimmer Icon SMI

Was the John Fox and Peyton Manning marriage made in Heaven? Maybe not at lest from Fox's point of view. As a North Carolina resident and Carolina Panther's fan, I have followed John Fox pretty closely during his coaching stay there.


John Fox probably wanted Peyton Manning more than he did Tim Tebow but not much more. John Fox will appreciate that Manning is a veteran that don't take much coaching. The Broncos probably owe Peyton Manning for letting them get rid of Tebow without a bunch of media and fan backlash. Who can fault them for trading Tebow when you have Manning?


The problem John Fox will have is letting Peyton Manning call the shots and actually be the offensive coordinator. Fox is old school and he wants to win with defense and the running game.


Of course Peyton Manning wants to win with passing the ball all over the yard at times mixed in with a strong running game. Apparently Manning was assured he could coach the offense before he even signed with the Denver Broncos. I am sure that came from John Elway and Fox had nothing to do with that call.


Part of John Fox's reluctance to pass the ball in Carolina may have come from subpar quarterbacks. Jake Delhomme and Jimmy Clausen are hardly elite NFL passers. Still it is plain by all the third down and long draw plays that Fox is very conservative.


With Peyton Manning at the helm John Fox will have to bite his nails while the ball is in the air often. I really think Fox is willing to put up with this to show that he can coach and to show up the Panthers for letting him go. It got ugly between Fox and the Panthers towards the end and the quick hire by Denver shows that Fox is respected in some NFL circles still.


The Denver Broncos 2012 season depends on the health of Peyton Manning. If Manning is healthy he can win games even if his physical skills have declined. Fox and new defensive coach Jack Del Rio will have the defense in good shape to help out Manning.


The AFC does not have a dominant team in my opinion and if the Broncos make the playoffs they could have a Super Bowl run in them. It is possible Manning is even better than the average fan thinks. He played on a clearly terrible Colts team and had them in contention. The Broncos have much more talent than what Manning had with him for his last season or two.


If the Broncos are successful then the Manning and Fox marriage will be a good one. If not then Fox will probably lose another job as the Broncos start all over soon. Only time will tell.