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Week One AFC West Regular Season Predictions

I think the Raiders fans will be happy after week one. Photo by Icon Sports Media

These are my week one of the regular season, AFC West predictions. I will give a prediction and breakdown for each game a member of the division plays in week one of the 2012 NFL regular season. Since it's a bit early I reserve the right to change a game prediction due to injury or trade tipping the balance.


Atlanta Falcons at the Kansas City Chiefs Prediction


The Falcons have gone all in for a Super Bowl run this season and they visit the underrated Chiefs in week one. This will be a good test for the Falcons as they come to Arrowhead Stadium where it's always tough to play.


I like the Falcons to win this one because of all the offensive firepower they bring to the table. Dez White and Julio Jones bring too much for the Chiefs to defend. Of course Tony Gonzalez will be looking to play well against his former team.


The Chiefs will be able to run against Atlanta so I expect the score to be close. I like the Falcons to win 24 to 17.



San Diego Chargers at the Oakland Raiders Prediction


This is the first AFC West division matchup of the 2012 season as the Chargers come to visit the Raiders. The Chargers are banged up on the offensive line and may or may not have Ryan Matthews. The Raiders are installing a new offense that does not fit Carson Palmer very well.


I like the Oakland Raiders to beat the San Diego Chargers by the score of 17 to 13. I just think the Chargers will come out flat in the first week and maybe for the entire season. Oakland has a strong enough running game and defense to pop the Chargers in week one.


Pittsburgh Steelers at the Denver Broncos


Peyton Manning's regular season debut as a Denver Bronco will be a true test as they host the Steelers. Peyton Manning is rumored to have trouble throwing to his right and hasn't played a real game in over a year. The Steelers are installing a new offense and want to establish the run like they did in yesteryear.


The Steelers will come into Denver with a chip on their shoulder and will blitz from all over the field to try to rattle Peyton Manning. I like the Steelers to knock off the Broncos 21 to 13 in Denver. I just don't see Denver being able to match up well with Pittsburgh in week one.