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Ranking the Top Five Quarterbacks in the 2012 NFL Draft

Photo of RG3 by Patrick Green/ Icon SMI

Here are my rankings for the top five quarterbacks in the 2012 NFL draft. This isn’t really based on how they ranked in college. I rank the top five quarterbacks in the 2012 NFL draft by how good I think they will be in their NFL careers. Other than Luck and Griffin I am not overly impressed with the 2012 crop of rookie quarterbacks. My ranking of the 2012 rookie quarterbacks does not necessarily reflect how I predict they will be drafted. With the Denver Broncos and possibly Kansas City Chiefs looking for a quarterback in 2012, the rookie quarterbacks will come into play in the AFC West.                                                                                                                                                                                                           5 Kirk Cousins- Michigan State

Kirk Cousins is smart and tough and that can help him overcome some of his weaknesses at quarterback. His arm strength is not the best and his accuracy isn’t as good as you may think, lots of dink and dunk passes padded that at MichiganState. I think Cousins will be a career backup in the NFL but a good one. 

4 Ryan Tannehill-Texas A&M

Ryan Tannehill is athletic enough that he played wide receiver in addition to quarterback in college. Tannehill is very raw at quarterback but he has some nice passing mechanics and could be a NFL starter or at least a quality backup in the future.

3 Nick Foles- Arizona

I really like Nick Foles who has great size at 6ft 5 and enough mobility to move around in the pocket a bit. Foles was on a very bad team which didn’t allow him to display his full talent in college. I think Foles is the 3rd best quarterback in the 2012 NFL draft. Given the opportunity to learn from good coaches, Foles can be a NFL starter in a year or two.

2 Robert Griffin III –Baylor

If I hadn’t actually seen Cam Newton play in the NFL I would project RG3 to be the better pro prospect Griffin has lots of college experience and is a very accurate passer as well as being an outstanding runner from the quarterback position. RG3 is certainly the most exciting quarterback in the 2012 NFL draft.

1 Andrew Luck- Stanford

Andrew Luck is the best NFL quarterback prospect I have seen in several years. Luck is so coveted by NFL teams that he would have been the first pick last year if he hadn’t sat out the draft to keep from playing for the Panthers. Andrew Luck can make all the throws and I love the way he hits his receivers in stride so they get more yards after the catch. The Colts are very fortunate to be replacing Peyton Manning with Andrew Luck.

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